Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

Extracurriculum? Cocurriculum? Role of Student Affairs?

I would really like your thinking on an article I’m writing for the NASPA Journal of College and Character, edited by Jon Dalton and Pam Crosby.  My working title is really long and describes what I want to write about: “Connecting and Collaborating with Students on Self-regulating Behavioral That Promote Academic Success and Further the Intellectual, Civic, and Moral Purposes of Higher Education.”

When I was asked to write the article, the editors used the term “extracurriculum.” When I asked a colleague for thoughts on the subject, in the response the term “cocurriculum” was used and the programs and activities described sounded as if they would complement and support the academic curriculum. 

If the term “extracurriculum” was purposely used, is there a role for student affairs in the extracurriculum to promote academic success and further the development of these qualities of citizenship? Or is the extracurriculum what students do on their own without input from student affairs?

Do you have any examples of student affairs promoting the moral purposes of higher education? Is this something that student affairs dare attempt in a public institution? 

I hear that the work of student affairs is more purposeful than ever before. To what purposes do we in student affairs aspire in contemporary higher education? I’d love to hear your thoughts.