The Educator Who Cried Innovation

In describing associative thinking as a strength of people with autism, a researcher described how one could easily create new coding language. For those who associate things in a particular way, it is not considered “creating” a new language, but rather the fact that one language is known means, “you’re just putting new words on the old thing.”

This comment brought to mind how lightly some of us in higher education rename programs and practices in order to reflect the jargon of the day, the buzz words, or what’s trending. The old thing is capriciously relabeled as if it’s something new without appreciable change or progression to legitimate the change. We should be wary of mislabeling because when we do have something innovative to share, it may be ignored because of our previous practice of adding names without substance.

3 responses to “The Educator Who Cried Innovation

  1. So true. What a timely warning.

  2. This is so true inside and outside of education. The warning is timely.

  3. Let’s continue to encourage innovation. Thanks for confirming.

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