Story Corps

It is a rare gift to be able to share parts of one’s story prompted by a highly skillful interviewer. As a gift to me, my dear friend and colleague, Paulette Dalpes, interviewed me in the summer of 2014 at Story Corps in Chicago. In recognition of Black History Month, I am sharing segments from that interview here on my blog.


Great Grandfather

Didn’t Feel Loved

Coat and Penny Loafers


Piano Lessons

Role Models


Eastern Illinois University

 Student Teaching

Students Have Stories

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6 responses to “Story Corps

  1. Gwen,

    What a pleasure to hear the reflections of your life’s journey. I can relate to some of them.

    I am officially retired from CCM as of 2/24/17. I was asked to do a lecture of my journey there for over 31 years. It was put on YouTube. You can access it by entering Journey in Life and Learning/Dorothy Foote. Hope you will have an opportunity to view it.

    I’ve thought of you so often over the years.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.


    Dorothy Foote

    • Gwendolyn Dungy

      Great to hear from you, Dottie. Congratulations on your wonderful and long career at CCM. I will check out your lecture on YouTube.

  2. Dear Gwen,

    I am rejoicing to find and listen to your interview, presented as you have done here. It made me glad to hear your story. Now I’m thinking how your story intersects with mine–the one you helped me to tell. You are so right: we need to tell these stories.

    Much appreciated!


  3. Your story is amazing and it is wonderful to hear you speak! I think you are so right that everyone has a story and that it is important for teachers to care about the stories each of their students has and to also share something about themselves. Again it was just great to hear you. Your voice added even more meaning to the words.
    Thank you,

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