2 responses to “If not for the pandemic . . .

  1. Caryn McTighe Musil

    Very thought scenario and one that should provoke discussion about how to construct productive online spaces for students to talk across political divides before the election about issues that matter to both and to anticipate how they might be a positive force before and after the election for suppressing anti-democratic violence, like the right winged armed militias already planning kidnapping of elected public officials. This is not a time to be neutral or complacent about anything! You are right about that, Gwen.

    • Gwendolyn Dungy

      Perhaps the most difficult role for the faculty is helping students build the trust needed to speak about their views in what has become a judgmental and divisive atmosphere. Trust building has to be ongoing for dialogue of any kind, especially dialogue about current politics. Thanks for your comment, Caryn.

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