One response to “Without Using Tanks: The War on America’s Democracy

  1. This is an absolutely brilliant analysis of the silent war being waged against Democracy in the United States–and I do not use the word brilliant very often.

    I live in Florida where the governor just appointed Esther Byrd, to the State Board of Education. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Mrs. Byrd, a former marine, has posted comments over the years that support right-wing conspiracy theories; defend the Proud Boys, QAnon, and the Jan 6 insrrection; and urge people to get on the right side of the coming Civil War.

    Her appointment is not an isolated event. It is just one of many steps the current governor and his Republican cronies have taken to limit voting rights for non-whites, destroy the K-12 system, demonize science, and neuter the faculty and staff of every state college or university.

    As a parent, an educator, and a sentient human being, I am appalled at what is happening in this country and terrified that too many people cannot seem to imagine a scenario in which Democracy dies in America. Yet, the hands on America’s Doomsday Clock continue their relentless March toward midnight.

    Every American voter should read this post. It should be required reading in high schools, colleges, and universities. The Boston Globe,, NYT and Washington Post should have the article on their front page. Please find a way to make this happen, and let me know how I can help.

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