Two weeks ago, Buffalo
Two days ago, Uvalde


Why are active shooter attacks increasing?
Why does this keep happening?
Why can’t we stop this?
Why do people kill?
Why is enough not enough?

Why do all the questions begin with WHY!

One response to “Why

  1. Caryn McTighe Musil

    You capture the sense of helplessness and hopeless and numbness after such violence. The other three letter word we need to use is HOW. How do killers get access to weapons of death and injury? How do Republicans who don’t represent the will of the American people on gun safety laws stay in power after blocking any meaningful gun reform for decades and plan to do so again after these two horrific slaughters. How do Republicans sleep at night? How do money and profit from the sale of guns contribute to no regulatory gun legislation being passed? How do we organize to undo these patterns of white hate and bigotry, male macho enactments of military slaughter, and choke holds by Republicans on listening to the majority of Americans on sensible gun safety legislation. How do we break the spell of a love affair with guns by one third of Americans who own them? Two thirds of us DO NOT OWN GUNS. One good sign at the gun safety rally in DC yesterday was “A Well Regulated Militia Does not Kill Kids.” Another was “Protect Kids and Grocery Shoppers, Not Guns.”

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