2 responses to “Student Affairs and Social Change: A Dream Realized

  1. Another thanks to Susan Twombly for her graciousness in allowing me to share the following comment:

    “The book is still very timely in many ways. Although I had to reconstruct Phil Hubbard’s story from documents, writing his story along with being able to talk with Charles Witten, and visiting ‘The Schoolhouse Door’ with John Blackburn are some of the most memorable, and impactful, research experiences of my entire career.

    “I sort of marvel now at our attention to a wide range of institutional types and regions. That really sets this book apart from many. Your blog comes at a time when there is a lot of good historical scholarship emerging about this period of time, although most focuses on the South.

    “Thanks for writing the blog but mostly for giving us the chance to collect the stories and write the book…”

  2. Caryn McTighe Musil

    Inspiring two-part story that is a testimony to your vision of what needed to be preserved and probed and why history and activism are essential. So glad you persisted and found allies to complete your project. The question remains, “What book are you thinking about authoring yourself at this point that needs to be written?”

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