Thank you, Viola Davis

Viola Davis is the only African American to receive what is called the “Triple Crown of Acting”—Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Tony Award. She has been in close to 30 films and has numerous television credits.

I’m no professional critic and won’t attempt to critique her films. I just want to say: Thank you, Viola Davis, for being real Black for me, for portraying Black women in all our pain and glory.

2 responses to “Thank you, Viola Davis

  1. Amen and Amen!!

  2. A big yes to this week’s post and a late comment on last week’s post. I always wondered how you managed to be so tuned in to what would motivate others to grow. I have no idea how many people you have helped in this way, but I know there are many. I am one of them. Thank you!

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